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February 2024





Date: September 22. 2023 thru November 4

Opening: Friday. September 22 from 6 to 8pm

Pastine Projects is excited to present a solo exhibition Symbolically Depicted, Works on Paper by Anne McGuire.


Anne McGuire’s ink and color pencil drawings take on the universe through symmetry and symbolism. These new ecstatic works originate from postcard-sized studies in her ongoing mail art practice. McGuire is directly inspired by the art of Achilles G. Rizzoli (1896-1981) the San Francisco draftsman who (in his spare time) created highly detailed architectural “sketches, portrayals, recapturings, and representations” of people such as his mother, father, neighbors, and friends.


The indelibility of her drawing tools does not allow for easy alteration and the mark making becomes a coded communique for her feelings. The unattainability of perfection or perfect symmetry is seen in the form of ink smears, mistakes, and occasional Rorschach-ness of the work. McGuire captures her subjects as various modes including geometry, persons, feelings, influences, and spirits. Like Rizzoli, the act of depicting a person, taking a portrait, does not depend on getting someone to sit for them but on inherent knowledge plus a bright imagination.


Anne_McGuire_New_Works_2023_fullres__4 copy.jpg

Smoke, 2023. Pencil and ink on paper, 30 x 22 inches, 34 x 26.25 framed



Date: September 22. 2023 thru November 4

Opening: Friday. September 22 from 6 to 8pm

We are excited to show the impressive models Anita Margrill created to inform her site-specific public art. Concerned with the interdisciplinary relationship between art, architecture, and technology, Margrill uses her thorough knowledge of materials and methods to create projects that blend aesthetics with specific function and historical resonance. Some of these models were realized while others bolstered her creative process going forward.

​Her Models display not only a whimsical imagination and keen eye, but were also essential to Margrill's understanding of the environment at large. Multilayered and poetic, her models inspired larger works that mirror the choreography of shifting sunlight, wind and water.   Margrill understands that these elements are the most eloquent way of defining the idea of place and are essential in merging form with natural events to address environmental concerns.



Anita Margrill, Star of David Synagogue, model for solar powered synagogue, mixed media, 9 x 10 1/2 x 6 1/2 inches

Color + Form

Works by Eva Bovenzi, Mary King, Francesca Pastine and Jessica Snow


date: on view through July 31

artist talk and reception: July 7 at 4:30pm


Jessica Snow, Flow in the Ever Present 10, 2022
Oil and Acrylic on Canvas, 52x 48 inches

What is not and that which is

Sculptures and Drawings by Sheila Ghidini

date. April 7 thru May 13.

opening. Friday. April 7. 5 - 7pm

Pastine Projects is pleased to present a solo show of sculptures and drawings by Sheila Ghidini.

Sheila Ghidini writes “I’m interested in calling attention to the ubiquitous, but often overlooked spaces between things, as well as the shadows cast by them…..what’s lost, missing, or obscured is as critical to the work, if not more so, then that which is tangibly present.”



Sheila Ghidini, Incantation, 2022, reconfigured found chair, paint, graphite+chalk wall drawing, thread and map pins, 42 x 50 x 16 inches


Pivot Series, 2023 graphite and color pencil with metallic paint on Mylar 24 x18 inches unframed 27.25 x 23.5 framed

Leonard Rosenfeld Wires and Graffiti

date. April 7 thru May 13.

opening. Friday. April 7. 5 - 7pm

We're thrilled to be able to present work by New York artist Leonard Rosenfeld  (1926-2009).


Rosenfeld started his Wires in 1982 after finding a piece of electric wire on the floor of his studio and nailing it onto the stretcher bar using carpet tacks. He liked the way it looked and, eventually, wire strips took the place of canvas on his stretcher bars. At first he used only black and white wire. Then, in 1994, he began using colored wire and other materials such as cotton, silk or fur. A review of his show at Simone Gallery in Soho in 1994, A Painter Lost to Painting, says of his Wires, “How much Leonard Rosenfeld can accomplish and how dazzling it can look by just using tacks and black and white wire is truly remarkable,” adding, “It is what Rosenfeld wants to say in his use of abstract design schemes and primitive forms, this combination of the Neolithic and modern technology that focuses on that long adventure of man that is civilization.”


Read Paul Laser on Lenonard Rosenfeld HERE

Toia Two, 1994, Black Crayon and Watercolor on Paper ,42 x 26 1/4 inches

Solid as Breath

Paintings and Sculptures by

Robin McDonnell

date. January 21 thru February 25

opening. Saturday.  January 21. 2023. 3 - 5pm

Sonoran Suite

Collages on Paper by

Eva Bovenzi

date. January 21 thru February 25

opening. Saturday.  January 21. 2023. 3 - 5pm

Eva Bovenzi has long spent summers in the Sangre de Cristo Mountains of southern Colorado, forty miles from the New Mexico border. She travels frequently to Santa Fe, Taos, Albuquerque, Gallup and the tribal lands of Northern New Mexico, to look at traditional indigenous art and attend Native American ceremonial dances and pow wows. She writes, “I’m captivated by the boldness and beauty of the indigenous art of that region: Hopi masks and kachina figures, Pueblo pottery, Navajo blankets, Zuni silver work. It’s all a perfect expression of the vastness of the Southwestern sky and desert, and the undeniable spiritual presence of the landscape.”




Nopalito, 2016, acrylic collage on Yupo paper, 24 x36 inches framed

Double Diamond Green.jpg

Double Diamond, 2016, Acrylic on Yupo, 24 x 36 inches framed

Minoan Stories

Paintings and Works on Paper by Jessica Snow

date. November 4 thru December 17

opening. Friday. November 4. 5 - 8 pm

The exhibition includes oil pastels on paper created at the residency Château Orquevaux in France. The one-month residency followed a particularly seminal stay at Agia Pelagia, in Crete over the summer where Snow says she “dove deep into the mythical.” Inspired by preclassical art, the geography of Crete, and the ancient myths of the island, her new work unfolds like an an archeological excavation where, for Snow, “meaning is always at play, tugging here tugging there, never quite settling into one thing or another.”

Minoan Stories 3.jpg

Minoan Stories, 12, 2022 Oil pastel and acrylic on hot press paper 24.5 x 32 inches framed

Minoan Stories 10 for web.jpg

Minoan Stories, 10, 2022 Oil pastel and acrylic on hot press paper 32 x 24.5 inches framed

Femmes Futuristes

Photo-based by Kathryn Dunlevie

date. November 4 thru December 17

opening. Friday. November 4. 5 - 8 pm

Kathryn Dunlevie creates works that meld the familiar with the extraordinary. Each work depicts a silhouette of a woman whose interior is an amalgam of scavenged images. Often these women step forward with a sense of urgency and purpose, disrupting or activating the space around them. The collaged elements within each body create narrative content suggesting a diverse array of possibilities. 



Alighting, 2021 Archival pigment print (from a handmade collage) on wood panel 21 x 14.75 inches

A kindling; unfurled.

Paintings by Prajakti Jayavant


date. July 15 thru August 13

opening. Friday.  July 15. 5 thru 8 pm

Prajakti Jayavant’s distinct and highly intuitive practice is an inquiry into the relationship of shape and color.


Jigsaw, Paitnings by Leonard Rosenfeld, Livia Stein, and Lucy Traeger

date. July 15 thru August 13

opening. Friday.  July 15. 5 - 8 pm

The works in Jigsaw prod the viewer to puzzle the pieces together, connect the dots, and ask themselves, “Who is doing what?”


Half Figure, Oil_panel  12 x 12_ 2021.jpg

Livia Stein, Half Figure 2021

Oil on panel, 12 x 12 inches


Lucy Traeger, The Hunt, 2015

Acrylic on panel 14 x 14 inches

Leonard Rosenfeld

Leonard Rosenfeld, Salute to a Stripe, 1997,

Black Crayon and Watercolor on Paper 41 x 29 inches

From Moment to Moment

Artworks by Theodora Varnay Jones, Robin Richardson, and  Marta Sanchez Vasquez


date. July 15 thru August 11

opening. July 15. 5 - 8 pm

Civil twilight is the time of day before sunrise or after sunset when the sun is six degrees below the horizon. It is a time when light is increasing or fading and images and objects are difficult to discern. Similar to the shifting visibility at civil twilight, the artists in From Moment to Moment embrace ambiguity, disappearance, and reemergence in their work. Valuing the indeterminate in favor of absolutes, they explore the ephemeral quality of material, the nature of time, and the relationships between object and image. The open-ended nature of these artworks invite us to consider the play of presence and absence and the potentiality of our imagination.  Acknowledging that there is no one truth, their work remains open to interpretation over time.




New York Times Collages and Other Works

by Francesca Pastine

date. May 13 thru June 11

opening. May 13. 5 - 8 pm

Francesca Pastine uses printed media, received images, and

everyday objects as a springboard to consider her inner life

in relation to the world. For her Time Travel Series, she

harvests images of watches, jewelry, and full-page fashion

ads from the New York Times. She disassembles then

reconstructs the 22 x 11 inch pages of the Times into its

original format in order to retain the newspaper’s identity

The finished works lean on a shelf, creating an interplay of

light, shadow, and movement. The flow of time is revealed

in the newspaper's publication dates and the shifting values of its

ink and paper stock.



Francesca Pastine, 2020, Time Travel 4,

cut New York Times pages, 22 x 11 inches

Eva Bovenzi | Present Perfect


March 11 through April  23. 2022

Opening reception 5pm - 8pm  March 11. 2022

"I’ve never grown blasé about the fact that a painting can actually summon people to the present moment; it seems like a form of magic”,  Eva Bovenzi writes.  She titles this exhibition “Present Perfect” in a nod to the capacity of art to bring a viewer to the Now. 





Winged Victory. 2021. 

Acrylic on wood panel. 48 x 36 inches.

DUET: Artwork by Sheila Ghidini and Anne McGuire.


January 7 – February 19. 2022

Opening. January 7 from 5 to 8pm

Pastine Projects is pleased to present a two person exhibit, Duet: Artworks by Sheila Ghidini and Anne McGuire.



Peripheral Vision

Drawings by Sid Garrison | Paintings and Sculpture by Robin McDonnell


March 11 through April  23. 2022

Opening reception.  5pm - 8pm  March 11. 2022

Pastine Projects is pleased to present an exhibition of color pencil drawings by the late Sid Garrison (1954 - 2021) and acrylic paintings and sculpture by Robin McDonnell that runs concurrently with Eva Bovenzi | Present Perfect.

The exhibit will include five of Sid Garrison signature color pencil drawings and Robin McDonnell will show her painted Styrofoam-and-epoxy sculpture and two paintings. Both artists’ work offer unique and surprising revelations in compositional form, color, and texture.





Saturday. February 12

Pastine Projects presents Eclipse. A collaboration featuring artwork by Sheila Ghidini

& dance performance by Jenna Marie                       


6pm at Pastine Projects. 360 Langton Street, Suite 201. San Francisco


Eclipse copy.jpg

Installation by Sheila Ghidini       Jenna Marie


affinities: carrie lederer | leonard rosenfeld

date. October 22 - December 11

Opening. October 22 from 5 - 8pm

Pastine Projects is pleased to present a two-person exhibition of work by New York-based artist Leonard Rosenfeld (1926 - 2009) and Oakland artist Carrie Lederer.


date. september 4. 2021