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From Moment to Moment

Artworks by Theodora Varnay Jones, Robin Richardson,
and Marta Sanchez Vasquez

date. May 13 thru June 11

opening. May 13. 5 - 8 pm

Civil twilight is the time of day before sunrise or after sunset when the sun is six degrees below the horizon. It is a time when light is increasing or fading and images and objects are not completely discernible. Similar to the shifting visibility at civil twilight, the artists in From Moment to Moment embrace ambiguity, disappearance, and reemergence in their work. Valuing the notion of continuity in favor of completeness, they explore the ephemeral quality of material, the nature of time, and the relationships between object and image.  The open-ended nature of these works invites us to consider the play of presence and absence and the potentiality of our imagination.  Acknowledging that there is no one truth, their work remains open to interpretation over time.


Marta Sanchez Vasquez focuses on the metaphysical potential of time. Using translucent vellum to create a sense of uncertainty, she asks, “How do we construct memories?” Her drawings fuse the paradox of layered memories and time into one realization. She states that “Memory may fade but nothing ever vanishes.”


Theodora Varnay Jones employs an open-ended range of concepts from perception to relativity, transparency, and time. Interested in both process and material, she incorporates various disciplines, media, and techniques that touch on alchemy and the passage from one thing to another.

Robin Richardson is interested in the underlying structure of matter, where the natural world breaks down into intrinsic geometry. Using both organic and digital processes, her works explore the unfolding space from chaos to order.

works in show

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