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future projects.

Opening May 11:



Anne McGuire | Jessica Snow



Sid Garrison, September.4.2017, 2017, Colored pencil on paper, 8 x 8 inches

Anne McGuire, Mistress, 2023, Pencil and ink on paper 15 x 8 inches

Jessica Snow, Space Groove 11, 2020 Acrylic on Arches 140 lb. hot press paper 15 x 11 inches


current projects.

Join Us for a Gallery Walk-Through with Artists and Closing Reception on Saturday, November 4, from 3 to 5


Symbolically Depicted

Anne_McGuire_New_Works_2023_fullres__4 copy.jpg

Anne McGuire, Smoke, 2023, Graphite and ink on paper, 30 x 22 inches


Anne McGuire, Mike Kuchar, 2022 ,Ink on paper, 12 x 9 inches, unframed

Date: September 22. 2023 thru November 4

Opening: Friday. September 22 from 6 to 8pm

Pastine Projects is excited to present a solo exhibition Symbolically Depicted, Works on Paper by Anne McGuire.


Anne McGuire’s ink and color pencil drawings take on the universe through symmetry and symbolism. These new ecstatic works originate from postcard-sized studies in her ongoing mail art practice. McGuire is directly inspired by the art of Achilles G. Rizzoli (1896-1981) the San Francisco draftsman who (in his spare time) created highly detailed architectural “sketches, portrayals, recapturings, and representations” of people such as his mother, father, neighbors, and friends.


The indelibility of her drawing tools does not allow for easy alteration and the mark making becomes a coded communique for her feelings. The unattainability of perfection or perfect symmetry is seen in the form of ink smears, mistakes, and occasional Rorschach-ness of the work. McGuire captures her subjects as various modes including geometry, persons, feelings, influences, and spirits. Like Rizzoli, the act of depicting a person, taking a portrait, does not depend on getting someone to sit for them but on inherent knowledge plus a bright imagination. McGuire also notes the band Matmos’s song Y.T.T.E. (Yield To Total Elation) from their 2003 album The Civil War, as an influence. The term Y.T.T.E. was coined by Rizzoli and can be seen in many of his drawings.


McGuire studied video art and photography at the Kansas City Art Institute and moved west to continue her art education in the Performance/Video department at SFAI, earning an MFA. Her artwork, videos and performances have been included in solo and group exhibitions locally at SFMOMA, David Ireland House, Asian Art Museum, Gregory Lind Gallery, 2nd floor projects, et. al. gallery, Exploratorium, BAMPFA, Cafe du Nord, ATA, Hemlock Tavern, SOEX, McEvoy Foundation, Wattis Institute, SFIFF, Right Window, San Francisco Arts Commission Gallery, Queens Nails Gallery, Krowswork, SFMOMA Openspace, Altman Siegel Gallery, Center for the Arts Yerba Buena, Cinematheque, and New Langton Arts, and nationally and internationally at Academy Film Archive LA, Guerrero Gallery LA, House Mödrath Cologne, Gene Siskel Theater Chicago, Ron Howard Screening Room at Zemeckis Center USC, Andy Warhol Museum Pittsburgh, MoMA NY, Whitney Museum, Guggenheim Museum, NY Underground Film Festival, NY Film Festival, Nelson-Atkins Museum Kansas City, Impakt Festival Utrecht, Viper Festival Lucerne, MOMA Stockholm, White Chapel London, Red Room Baltimore, Transfest Baltimore, Zebulon Brooklyn, Temple Bar Gallery Dublin, Robert Beck Memorial Cinema New York, Glasgow Film Theatre, The Getty LA, and others.


Models and Imaginings

We are excited to show the impressive models Anita Margrill created to inform her site-specific public art. Concerned with the interdisciplinary relationship between art, architecture, and technology, Margrill uses her thorough knowledge of materials and methods to create projects that blend aesthetics with specific function and historical resonance. Some of these models were realized while others bolstered her creative process going forward.

​Her Models display not only a whimsical imagination and keen eye, but were also essential to Margrill's understanding of the environment at large. Multilayered and poetic, her models inspired larger works that mirror the choreography of shifting sunlight, wind and water.   Margrill understands that these elements are the most eloquent way of defining the idea of place and are essential in merging form with natural events to address environmental concerns.



Anita Margrill, Star of David Synagogue, model for solar powered synagogue, mixed media, 9 x 10 1/2 x 6 1/2 inches


Anita Margrill, Installation

360 Langton Street. Suite 201 San Francisco CA. 94103   |   appointments;

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