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future projects.

When I Become a Ghost, opens Saturday, February 24 from 6 to 9pm


Award winning filmmakers Leslie Streit and Robin McCain will present a immersive video installation, When I Become a Ghost, in our main gallery on February 24. The installation consists of a three video projection that surrounds the viewer with an ever shifting landscape that reaches across time and space.


When I Become A Ghost is a different kind of ghost story that will both fascinate and send shivers down your spine. The artists invite you to follow them into a darkened gallery to encounter one woman's journey into the Afterlife. The installation consists of 3 short videos – Journey, Haunting and Regeneration. The films share a single rhythmic soundscape of 4 musical pieces including 2 tracks by Nanotopia who use bio waves from Mycellium mushrooms and a synthesizer to create their intriguing sounds. The narratives can be experienced in random order and are on a continuous loop throughout the 3 hour event.


Leslie Streit and Robin McCain were influenced by the works of Maya Deren, mid twentieth century filmmaker and surrealist artist, as well as by the experiments with chance of John Cage and Marcel Duchamp.

The woman is played by Susan Marvin, an international actress and dancer. Creepy, beautiful, surreal and evocative – everyone enjoys a good ghost story. 

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