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affinities: carrie lederer | leonard rosenfeld.

date. October 22 - December 11

Opening. October 22 from 5 - 8pm

Affinities, Paintings and Works on Paper of Carrie Lederer and Leonard Rosenfeld, will illuminate the rich artistic conversation that exists between two seemingly disparate artists, arising through their inventive imagery, iconoclastic use of materials, and a deep connection to their environments.

Leonard Rosenfeld’s work chronicled the period from post-WWII through the Iraq Wars. For the  whole of his storied life, Rosenfeld’s work was influenced by the rich and changing scene in front of his Lower Eastside loft, as well as larger global trends. At turns hilarious, topical, and deeply personal, Rosenfeld’s art offers an account of his humanistic and artistic engagement with his lived experience. He considered himself an “outlaw,” flirting and experimenting with a variety of materials and seeking out new, sometimes challenging, subjects which continue to resonate in our present moment.         

Carrie Lederer is inspired by a deep connection with her garden, the land, and our relationship to the natural world. Inspired by an expansive reading of the ornamentation and decoration movements, her recent work abounds with images of eyes, faces, flora, and indeterminate forms. In her use of minute details, phantasmagorical imagery, saturated color, and repetition, Lederer offers impressions of worlds both abstract and figurative, micro and macroscopic. Lederer says “I respond to these natural wonderments and I’m charmed and fascinated by nature’s intrinsic capacity to create and reproduce patterns.”


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