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Color + Form.

Works by Eva Bovenzi, Mary King, Francesca Pastine and Jessica Snow

Date: On view through July 31

Artist Talk and Reception: July 7 at 4:30pm

Where: Villa Marin, 100 Thorndale Drive, Santa Rosa, 94903

Hours: 10 am to 8 pm: Check in with the front desk during the exhibition and let them know you're here to see Color + Form


Villa Marin is pleased to present an exhibition curated by Francesca Pastine of over twenty works by artists Mary King, Francesca Pastine, Eva Bovenzi, and Jessica Snow. These paintings combine thought and process to create a unique visual vocabulary.   The common theme in the show is an investigation of shape, line and form that uses personal experience to translate sensations and memories into the language of abstraction.  The paintings on view demonstrate a continuing will to challenge definitions of painting.  


Francesca Pastine begins her Gem Paintings by creating  layers of washes on paper that mirror her inner state of searching.  Enlarged and abstracted silkscreens of diamonds are then added to impose order and a sense of connection.  The works in her Diamonds Series remain an abstraction of line and color that create a sense of coming-into being through opposing forces.  


Eva Bovenzi’s paintings give visible form to that which is not visible.  Influenced by the natural world and the art of various spiritual traditions, Bovenzi makes work that is both powerful and enigmatic,  Studying the visual language of tradition as varied as pre-Renaissance Western painting, Indian miniatures, Tantric images and Native American art, she used their space, shapes and colors to create images that express the universal and personal truths that ground her work. 


The natural world is the starting point  for  the recent series of paintings, “Flow in the Ever Present”  by Jessica Snow.   The paintings are portals that tap into the ever changing unity, chaos, and flow of the world that we live in.  We are part of a planet that is both turbulent and tranquil.The paintings seek to resolve the falsity that we stand outside this experience, as though this belief will protect us from the inevitability of disruption and change.  With my painting I hope resolve the tension caused by dichotomies our minds construct.  The paintings may gently bring us back to our oneness with nature and deep acceptance of the vicissitudes of existence.  

Symory is a work Mary King coined to describe the free-standing arch as a symbol of open life  form.  When made solid, the negative  space  described by the arch becomes  a firm  tablet,  a  metaphorical marking place for the Now,  or as a keeper of Memory.  Circularity of Earth  becomes  a  plane  where arch and tablet confront  in vulnerable balance signifying life and death in Time;  these  contraries   generate energy around and through the plane  and scribe a  continuous  spiral line.

selected work.

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