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A kindling; unfurled.

Paintings by Prajakti Jayavant


date. July 15 thru August 13

opening. Friday.  July 15. 5 thru 8 pm

Prajakti Jayavant’s distinct and highly intuitive practice is an inquiry into the relationship of shape and color. She mixes complex colors that are situated at the fulcrum of possibilities, in that they can be several colors at once. A painting that at first glance appears “white”, for example, might also be described as “blue” or even “yellow.

Jayavant paints, bends, creases, and cuts heavy sheets of paper until she achieves an idiosyncratic and autonomous shape that is as complex and unexpected as her color choices. Even though the finished works appear minimal, they possess an abundance of detail, bearing subtle marks which manifest themselves as emotional shifts within the larger work itself. Every action Jayavant takes coalesces into a magical synchronicity of form and content.  The finished works have a living presence that hum and hover on the wall, each one individual and unique. When we look at Jayavant’s work we recognize a living entity like ourselves, consisting of an exterior form that embodies untold stories and histories within. This recognition is the purest relationship we can have with art.



Prajakti Jayavant, Untitled no. 76, 2010, Oil on paper, 43 x 39 x 1.5 inches,

Jigsaw, Paitnings by Leonard Rosenfeld, Livia Stein, and Lucy Traeger

date. July 15 thru August 13

opening. Friday.  July 15. 5 - 8 pm

The works in Jigsaw prod the viewer to puzzle the pieces together, connect the dots, and ask themselves, “Who is doing what?”
In Salute to a Stripe by Leonard Rosenfeld, what appears to be a carnival act is, with closer inspection, something more nefarious.  A circular round of cause and effect seems to take place in real time. Rather than remaining a bystander, the viewer becomes complicit in the action as they witness events unfold.

Lucy Traeger’s painting of two little girls with baskets is a tableau of a perfect moment in time. Traeger fits the pieces so neatly together that the girls seem to have been frozen in this space from time immemorial. In her painting, Toss, we walk into an event taking place as if we opened a door at just the critical moment. The action is stopped midstream, but what is actually occurring is not so clear. What appears alarming at first sight may really just be a benign domestic scene. Or is it? The viewer is left to puzzle these questions.

Disparate beings and objects performing an opaque narrative populate Livia Stein’s No Humor. As the casts of characters move around what looks like a stage, their various interactions appear thick with plots and subplots. Inspired by opera streamed over the course of the pandemic, Stein’s fantastical apparitions invite the viewer to invent music and lyrics in their imagination.



Leonard Rosenfeld, Salute to a Stripe, 1997, Black Crayon and Watercolor on Paper 41 x 29 inches

No Humor Oil_canvas 34_ x 37_ 2022.jpg

Livia Stein, No Humor, 2022, oil on

canvas 34 x 37 inches

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