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dates. September 4 thru October 9 2021

opening. September 4. 6pm thru 9pm

A group exhibition featuring artworks by:

YELLOW!  For artists, it’s the color of sunshine, the color of cheer, the color of illumination.  In this exhibition, which opens as we emerge from a global pandemic, we call on yellow to serve as a color cure for our collective consciousness .


One hundred ten years ago, Wassily Kandinsky attended a Schoenberg concert and was overcome by the color yellow.  This experience was  a classic case of synesthesia, a condition that can manifest as seeing a color when you hear a sound.  Moved by this experience, Kandinsky painted Impression III: Konzert (Impression III: Concert), depicting the piano as black, but the music in various shades of yellow. Kandinsky linked yellow with human energy: “The first movement of yellow, that of approach to the spectator…..and also the second movement, that of over-spreading the boundaries, have a material parallel in the human energy which assails every obstacle blindly, and bursts forth aimlessly in every direction.”

The works in YELLOW hope to pierce the gloom that settled last year with optimism and the vitality.  YELLOW is a beacon of light to guide us back to shared experience, community, and the wholeness of a life lived fully.

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