marta sanchez vasquez.

Marta Sanchez Vasquez was born and lived the younger part of her life in Bogota, Colombia. She left her native country to travel and sailed around the world, to finally settle in the United States, in San Francisco, California. 

Sanchez Vasquez started as a photographer to later find her vocabulary- out in the 3-D world. Getting out of the frame turned her into Installation, where she found endless way to draw what she always wanted to say. Installation has helped her to see the world from a wider spectrum, in a poetic sore of way. 

Her work is based on “Memory” and its collective ramifications. She tries to dig like an archeologist the layers of memory in the collective unconscious. The concepts are generated by life events; the duality of cultures, separation of the self, and the politics of memory, where she creates detail installations. She uses a variety of media and repetition, assembled from layers of intricate and delicate drawings. She creates objects and/or sculptural pieces with layers of a wide variety of materials –smoke, animal got, water and paper to name a few. 


Whether critical, irreverent, or introspective, she delves into personal memory and the past. The artist wrestle with the complex topic of “memory” such as the veracity of history, the nature of interpretation, subjective versus objective truth and the ways in which objects and images from the past embody cultural and collective memory.