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Drawings by Sid Garrison

date. May 11 thru June 8

opening. Satruday, May 11 from s to 5 pm

Sid Garrison (1954-2021) was a native of Wichita, Kansas, whose artistic journey brought him to San Francisco where he exhibited his work for over thirty years. He returned to Kansas in 2014 and his last shows were at the Kansas City Art Institute and the Kiosk Gallery. Sid’s artistic legacy is characterized by his inimitable drawings.

In the realm of artistic innovation, Sid Garrison stood as a luminary, renowned for his innovative use of colored pencils that transcended their traditional role. Garrison normally avoided generic labels for his images, but when one recent viewer described them as “Colored-Pencil Paintings,” Garrison accepted the description. With painstaking precision, he applied vibrant hues to Strathmore paper, building up intricate cross-hatchings layered into a rich waxy surface that invites us to lose ourselves in their captivating depths. The variation of idiosyncratic shapes, vibrant colors, and stippled patterns attract the eye with their spontaneity and lack of premeditation.

Through his work, Garrison presents to us his inner life as a series of stunning visual tableau vivants. In 2008, Garrison wrote “I try to tease out atmospheres and memory fragments of daily life by various means as I draw. The measure I set for myself is to make each drawing considerably unique. The resulting body of work functions like a collection of short stories.”

Remarkably, after days or even weeks of meticulous labor, Garrison's compositions possess a seamless quality that belies the hand of the artist. Each stroke speaks to a narrative of spontaneity and unbounded creativity. Far from being mere products of preconception, Garrison's works exude a magnetic allure that eludes facile categorization, beckoning us into a realm of profound aesthetic contemplation.



August 26, 2010, Colored pencil on paper.

28 x 28 inches


Anne McGuire | Jessica Snow

date. May 11 thru June 8

opening. Satruday, May 11 from s to 5 pm

Space Groove 11(1).jpeg

Anne McGuire, Mistress, 2023, Pencil and ink on paper 15 x 8 inches

Jessica Snow, Space Groove 11, 2020 Acrylic on Arches 140 lb. hot press paper 15 x 11 inches

Also Showing in the Gallery

grafitti_man-2 wix.jpg

Leonard Rosenfeld, Graffiti Man (G-Man in N.Y.C. with a Red and Yellow Horse, 1989, wood, cans, wire, carpet tacks,  72 x 30 inches


Piper Snow, Tree of Life, 2023 Stoneware, 12 x 7 x 4 inches

360 Langton Street. Suite 201 San Francisco CA. 94103   |   appointments;

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Pastine Projects is a contemporary art gallery that champions established and mid-career artists, especially women, who have contributed to the culture of the Bay Area through a deep commitment to their studio practice.  Throughout their careers, they have received numerous awards, and their achievements have been recognized in the press and other publications. We aspire to foster a greater awareness of their remarkable and timeless work.


Professional Practices

We work with emerging artists to help them develop professionally through critiques of their work and best business practices.

Gallery Hours

The gallery is open Saturday from 1 to 5 or by appointment:

360 Langton Street. Suite 201 San Francisco CA 94103. 

Francesca Pastine. Owner


address. 360 Langton Street. Suite 201 

             San Francisco. CA 94103

hours. by appointment

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