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February 24 from 6 to 9pm


When I become a Ghost is a a triptych of short experimental films presented as a gallery installation by award-winning film makers Leslie Streit and Robin McCain.  There will also be a documentary video of encounters with the paranormal and other special effects for an immersive experience throughout the gallery. Leslie Streit was recently interviewed about the project by Gillian Sand in Chopso, an online magazine about contemporary culture.

Leslie Streit and Robin McCain take advantage of the entire gallery to create an immersive installation that challenges your perception of reality, blurring the line between the physical and spiritual realm.


The installation consists of 3 short videos – Journey, Haunting and Regeneration. Each video is projected onto the gallery walls to create a dreamlike environment across time, space and ever changing landscapes.


The films share a single rhythmic soundscape of four musical pieces including 2 tracks by Nanotopia who use bio waves from Mycelium mushrooms and a synthesizer to create their intriguing sounds. The narratives can be experienced in random order and are on a continuous loop throughout the three hour event.

When I Become a Ghost is featured in SF Gate, The Dance Enthusiasts, and Marin Magazine.


Leslie Streit and Robin McCain were influenced by the works of Maya Deren, mid twentieth century filmmaker and surrealist artist, as well as by the experiments with chance of John Cage and Marcel Duchamp.


The woman is played by Susan Marvin, an international actress and dancer. Creepy, beautiful, surreal and evocative – everyone enjoys a good ghost story. For information, bios and more:


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Video Stills from When I Become a Ghost

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Pastine Projects is a contemporary art gallery that champions established and mid-career artists, especially women, who have contributed to the culture of the Bay Area through a deep commitment to their studio practice.  Throughout their careers, they have received numerous awards, and their achievements have been recognized in the press and other publications. We aspire to foster a greater awareness of their remarkable and timeless work.


Professional Practices

We work with emerging artists to help them develop professionally through critiques of their work and best business practices.

Gallery Hours

The gallery is open Saturday from 1 to 5 or by appointment:

360 Langton Street. Suite 201 San Francisco CA 94103. 

Francesca Pastine. Owner


address. 360 Langton Street. Suite 201 

             San Francisco. CA 94103

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