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robin mcdonnell.

Robin McDonnell celebrates process. She fuses painting and sculpture to create a tactile and expressive body of work. The surfaces of her new sculptures are energized by using spray paint to layer transparent color on forms that appear off-balanced and ready to topple.  The sculptures are made from Styrofoam and cardboard encased in epoxy with the intent of repurposing post-consumer waste. Both sculpture and paintings exemplify a driven exploration of color, movement, and idiosyncratic form. Robin states that her concerns have to do with "nature and change - utilizing an intuitive material based process and abstract language." Sublime despite their modest scale-- gesture, space and color evoke the moment of making.

Robin McDonnell is an artist working in Oakland, California. Her concerns have to do with nature and change - utilizing an intuitive materials-based process and abstract language . Her work is on both traditional linen panels and on three-dimensional forms made from recycled styrofoam and encased in epoxy. She has been an art educator at Mills College, Stanford University and UC Berkeley. Her work has been reviewed multiple times and shown at museums, Art Basel Miami, and established galleries.



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