date. Friday January 7. 2022 - February 12

DUET: Sheila Ghidini | Anne McGuire


Sheila Ghidini

Wall Drawing 22. 2001

Rearranged found wood furniture, acrylic, graphite,

colored pencil thread and map pins

24 x 10 x 7 inches


Anne McGuire


Watercolor and Graphite on Paper

8 x 8 inches

Eva Bovenzi Works
Solo, Exhibit Main Gallery

Sid Garrison, Robin McDonnell Project Room


March 11 thru April 23


Theodora Varnay Jones, Marta Sanchez, and Robin Richardson Group Exhibit,

Main Gallery


May 7 thru June 11


Prajakti Jayavant
Solo Exhibition, Main Gallery


Renee Gertler
Drawings, Project Room


July 8 August 16


Renee Gertler
Drawings and Sculpture Solo Exhibit, Main Gallery

Group Exhibit, Project Room


September 9 thru October 14


Jessica Snow
Solo Exhibit, Main Gallery


November 4 thru December 17